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Therm-O-Type MP-12

Therm-O-Type MP-12

Business Card Slitters - THERM-O-TYPE Corp. - The MP-12 is the most advanced and productive twelve-up business card slitter available. Up to 40,000 four-up business card strips can be slit per hour, producing 160,000 finished cards. The MP-12 feature a unique blade "cassette" which allows blade changes, due to dull or damaged blades, to be completed in less than three minutes. Special "blade wicks" are mounted in the cassette to continuously clean and lightly lubricate the blades.

The dual, "Wide Grip" friction feeder increases feed wheel contact to the paper, improving feeding. The alignment system has been improved to allow extremely accurate registration during high speed operation. The "fan out" section on the MP uses the patented design which has been used successfully over the years on the GLS and SL slitters.

The MP-12 uses 45" long, dual slow delivery conveyors with full length partitions. As jams can occur at the end of the delivery conveyor if there is a gap between the shingled cards, the MP-12 has a dual sensor control which starts the conveyor when paper is being fed, and automatically stops when the feed has been interrupted.

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